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Company Profile

Jiangmen Daxing Knitting Co , Ltd is located in a famous hometown of overseas chinese in guangdong proving Xinhui District in Jiangmen City , which is equipped with a deep - water wharf ( national class - A port) that leads to five continents in the world and a national expressway network . it is a modern large - scale enterprise specialized in design , production and sales in knitting。

Corporate Afforestation

An area of nearly 5000 m has been afforestated in Daxing knitting . beautiful flowers , verdant grass and luxuriant trees are adding radiance to pathways ,pavilions , rearing ponds and other landscapes . they form many scenic spots with unique characteristics ,which create healthy working environment for the employees and enable them to enjoy easy and comfortable life

Office Environment

Daxing knitting possesses a modern office building which covers an area of nearly 4000m2 and is equipped with such departments as production planning marketing , finance and human resources . in combination with the projects of nature , daylighting , ventilation and heat insulation , it complies with the requirements for modern green low - carbon office in the 21 st century and provides the employees with a high - quality , harmonious highly - efficient and conformable working environment

Product Display
Daxing knitting has set up multiple functional exhibition halls , for the purpose of displaying its artistic charm from multiple perspectives and creating wonderful visual spaces with fashionable and splendid design

Technical equipment

Original company successfully introduced from Germany,Switzerland,ltaly,Taiwan,Hong Kongand other countries and regions of various types of automation equipment 80 sets,completed the firstphase of 40 tons per day dyeing automated staining system.Daxing knitting has introduced from japan updated auto circular knitting machines which represent the essence of highly - efficient techniques and equipment at home and abroad . they jointly provide reliable guarantee for the company ' s preeminent quality and its development